Vacation in Nicaragua

I am currently on vacation in Nicaragua. I will be visiting several beach communities including well know San Juan del Sur and up and coming Las Penitas Beach (Alt link). Am going up to look for new investment opportunities as i am considering expanding my business to Nicaragua.  San juan del sur seems like a a sure thing since it is very close to the costa rican border but Las penitas/poneloya might offer more opportunities since it is not as developed.  The area is however developing very quickly and might offer more opportunists for someone who is willing to get in early and who is willing to commit his or her money for a few years.  The i hear that the development in las penitas have been incredible fast the last two years with a lot of new construction and a number of larger hotels still in the works.

I am going to post a report of my findings when i get back home. I am also going to rewamp this website as it is very bad at the moment.


Las Penitas Beach


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